City Orientation

One way to feel at home in a new country is to know the city you live in. We provide personalized tours to clients to help them feel at home in their new city. The tour can cover such things as where to shop, where to eat, currency information, public transportation, and leisure activities. Each tour is geared to the specific host country and city, as well as to the client's needs.


Tenancy Management

All issues that arise during the lease period are handled by our host country resources. After arranging for the original lease, our local firms will arrange for lease renewal as needed, carry out renovations, maintain residences, and serve as the channel through which all housing services can be arranged. Our partner firm can also assist in purchasing furniture or negotiating furnishing as part of the overall lease agreement. All legal housing issues will be handled by us and our local firm.



No office is complete without office equipment. Relocation Administration Services. SARL can assist in procuring computers, fax machines, copiers, telecommunication equipment, and any other needed equipment, whether through local sources or imports. When an office is closed, arrangements for storage, shipment, or sale of the equipment as required are carried out.


Organization and strategy

  • Organizational diagnosis
  • Strategy and competitiveness
  • Process optimization
  • Elaboration of Procedure Manual
  • Business Plan Design
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Marketing and
Development Commercial

  • Studies and Marketing Strategy
  • B2B Strategy and Marketing
  • Development commercial B2B

Strategy of communication

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The study, HR tips
and training

  • Study and HR advice
  • Tailored training
  • Professional Coaching
  • Recruitment
  • Interim
  • HR Administration and Payroll
  • Social and HR Audit


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Average Services General

  • Advice and support
  • User Services
  • Services to theEnergy

Immigration Compliance

Immigration laws vary from country to country, and can change without notice on occasion. We work with our clients to get through the processes as quickly and easily as possible and our host country resources can overcome the language barriers and differences in customs to cut through the red tape. They will also keep clients advised of any relevant changes in immigration law that may need to be addressed by the client, and will work with the client to address such changes.


The real estate mantra is Location, location, location. Nowhere is this truer than in the commercial sector. We deliver local knowledge to match the client company to the proper location in the target city. Negotiations with contract terms, renovations, and the furnishing of the new office to client specifications will be carried out by us.

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Additional Services...

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